September Sails

Title : September Sails
Release Date : July 1, 2016
Format : CD




This project has been an incredible ride. Soon after the release of my debut album From the Ground Up, I began the journey of writing songs for the new album. I started out my songwriting for September Sails when I was on tour in Australia. It was there that I wrote about music being a vehicle for cultural exploration as well as personal expression. I wrote both Language of the World and Down Under Dreaming in a tiny little house in New South Wales, Australia. It was a few years after that tour when I decided to move back to the east coast to be closer to my family. During that time I was writing many of my songs about my life decisions, love, and heartbreak.


One of my favorite songs on the album is called Everyday Saint. This song is about one of my dearest friends, Jim Brandon, and how much he gives to others expecting nothing in return. I wanted to capture his actions and paint the picture through a story. Take a listen and I guarantee that you will understand what kind of man Jim is and what an example he sets of how to live each day in the service of others.


Thank you all for helping me to chase my dreams. I could never do this without your love and support!


Liner Notes:


Although it has taken four years since my last album was released, the time was needed to make sure that the final product was exactly what I wanted. From touring in Australia to moving back across the country to Maryland, it was those times that have sculpted this album. I could have never gotten to where I stand today without the help and constant support of my friends and family. You guys are truly incredible and I could never thank you enough. I want to thank Lisa Hillary for being my music sounding board/advisor, Dani Weymouth for her guidance through the music business world and Steve Phillips and Curtis Stahl of Full Fidelity Studios for their incredible producing and musical genius on this project.


Thank you as well to Yvette Burgos for your help every day; Cecil Freeman, Greg Ward, Jesse “Jah Slade” Newton-Ward, Rico Boswell, Emma Carlson, Natalie Au, Lucy Carroll for your contributions to this album; my parents John & Betsy Frates and the rest of my family who have been so supportive over the years; Mick “Grayson” Edser, Kimberly Allen, Jim Brandon, Dar Stellabotta, Dan Waldspurger, High Flow, and Nexus.


Also a very special thank you to Jeffrey Allen and Arthur Edward Davis the third formerly known as Tad for your contributions to this album as well as to everyone else without whom I could not have followed my dream.


  1. Down Under Dreaming
  2. I Miss You
  3. Steam
  4. Language of the World
  5. My Everything
  6. Waiting on August
  7. Everyday Saint
  8. Skyler’s Song
  9. Time for Change
  10. Eve’s Apple
  11. Heartbroken
  12. Tempered Heart
  13. Trudging Through The Snow
  14. Everyday Saint (feat. Jah Slade)


Bryan Frates – vocals, guitars

Cecil Freeman, Curtis Stahl – drums

Greg Ward – bass

Steve Phillips – all other instruments


Recorded at Full Fidelity Studios

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Steve Phillips


Album photography by Dar Stellabotta

Management Consulting by Dani Weymouth of Backstage Development


All songs written by Bryan Frates except: Steam written by Bryan Frates, Emma Carlson, Natalie Au, Lucy Carroll and Tempered Heart written by Lisa Hillary


All songs © Bryan Frates except Tempered Heart. Released July 1, 2016