Last Fall I started teaching at a small private school in Maryland. It was here where I was thrown into a bunch of new positions that I had never done before. With that said, when I set out on my new journey, I promised myself that I would try everything and anything that this new home had to offer. During that time I was asked to teach an intro level guitar course. Although I have played guitar for over 10 years now, I had never given a formal lesson or taught in a classroom setting. I was extremely excited to do this and the class took off and since then has tripled just one year.

This past Wednesday I hosted my 2nd Guitarapalooza event at the school that I started last year. This is an event where the students pick any song that they want to perform and they play it in front of the friends, family and teachers. I am telling you this, only because teaching has been such an inspirational journey for me. I love being able to give somebody a life long gift that I was given so many years ago. I have never been more proud of each and every one of my students because I have asked them to hurdle mountains and they have done it on a daily basis! This event was absolutely amazing  and I was so proud of their hard work displayed for so many!

Guitarapalooza – Wed, Dec 9 – 7:30pm – The Calverton School (300 Calverton School Rd, Huntingtown MD)

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