About Bryan

Bryan Frates is a diverse artist, music teacher, Songwriters Showcase host, and sports coach out of the Washington, DC / Southern MD area.


From his interesting start, to being able to create songs pretty much on the spot, to hosting a Showcase that caters towards young people getting their feet wet performing for the first time, this artist is worth checking out.


As a native of Woodstock Vermont, Bryan Frates discovered his love for music through his family members. One of his biggest inspirations was his grandfather, who played the accordion around town. Watching him play made him want to learn guitar.


He started playing music when he was a Junior in high school. His friends asked him to sing Plush by the Stone Temple Pilots in a school concert. He told them he would, but in the back of his mind was thinking he would back out. That did not happen, however and the night of the show came. His parents were so surprised that their son who was extremely quiet was going to put himself out in front of 200 people and sing a song. The show went so well and that is when he knew he was destined to be an artist.


He went on to college in Maine and began playing solo shows around the campus of Bates College in Lewiston. At that time he also joined a hip-hop group called High Flow and sang hooks and verses for the dynamic group out of Boston.


Bryan received his degree in Rhetoric. Give him a random topic and he can in a matter of minutes come up with a cute or funny song about that topic.


Tying together elements of country and folk along with hip-hop, R&B, and jazz, he has created a style that is truly his own, with tremendous vocals weaving effortlessly throughout genres. Bryan’s original songs evoke images of family, friends, and the experiences of moving through the various stages of life.


Amos Lee, Ed Sheeran, Martin Sexton & James Taylor are four of his musical influences because “it is so hard to be a solo musician and completely captivate an audience with only your voice and a guitar. That is something these four guys have in common. They have great songs, great vocals, can play the guitar, and entertain.”


Bryan is now based in the Washington, DC / Southern, MD area. Besides working on his new album, “September Sails” released July 1st, he teaches music and Spanish, is a sports coach, and hosts local Songwriter Showcases geared towards young artists trying to get their feet wet writing and performing for an audience.


You can catch him on tour this summer in Utah and along the East Coast.